Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do you sell ice cream by the tubs or in bulk?
A: No. The best option would be to book our table-top catering package in which you pre-purchase the tubs of ice cream that we serve for you. 

Q: Can I add Milky Buns to my catering package? 
A: Yes. For the Table-Top Package you may pay an additional cost for a Milky Bun Station that includes 80 buns. Anything after 80 buns is subject to extra cost that must be pre-purchased in quantities of 20 buns. In terms of the Vintage Cart Package, it has an additional fee per guest that is TBD. All pricing is subject to evaluation. 

Q: Can you serve for longer than the amount of time included in the catering packages?
A: Yes. Each additional hour is an extra fee that is TBD.

Q: Can the standard Table-Top Package that includes 6 gallons of Ice Cream be split into 3 or 4 different flavors? 
A: No. Each tub is 3 gallons; therefore, the standard 6-gallon package comes with 2 flavors only. If you would like to add an additional flavor, you may do so at an extra cost. 

Q: Is it possible to only have 1 server for the Vintage Cart Package in order to lower the pricing?
A: No. The physical size and weight of the vintage cart requires a minimum of two staff members to safely transport the cart from our location to yours. 

Q: Can you provide custom cups? 
A: Yes. Pricing is subject to the quantity. 

Q: Can we keep the leftover Ice Cream? 
A: Yes, only for the Table-Top Package because that Ice Cream was pre-purchased. You can not for all other packages because we bring a great deal of extra ice cream to make sure we never run out of your favorite flavor during your event!